Left handed gaming keyboard

It is imperative that you have the best gaming keypad to back you up. With every keypad, there are pros and cons that you will learn more about today. When considering a gaming keypad for you and your lifestyle, you need to find one that mimics a keyboard.

The only difference is you will not have a log of unused buttons that you will never use in the gaming world. To the average gamer, they may not even have the slightest idea of how a gaming keypad could help them out.

With the perfect gaming keypad, you can categorize buttons that will help modify your gaming experience to make it the best one possible. When executing complex commands, you will be able to program them on your keypad the way you want them to work. In this guide, you will be able to take in more technical points of a gaming keypad, while figuring out the best product for you to buy.

Wireless Type: 2. The first keypad is from the brand Razer. The Orbweaver can be bought in mechanical or mecha-membrane, depending on what you want. If you choose a mechanical keypad, with brand-new switches, you can reset them to improve your performance with whatever game you play. There are 20 programmable keys that you can make hotkeys, macros, and add skills if you choose. The keys, themselves, have backlighting capabilities because of braided fiber cable.

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Colors include red, blue, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Are you looking for a thumb-pad? This keypad has an 8-way thumb-pad if you are in need to relieve some of your other fingers. By using one-hand capability, the Razer Orbweaver is a keypad you should really check out. By using a 2. Keep the pad away from liquid, humidity or moisture. Only a 1-year warranty. Buy Razer Orbweaver Chroma from Amazon.

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A big-time gaming keypad company is Razer and its Tartarus V2. Coming in either mecha-membrane or mechanical, the Tartarus allows for a soft touch and a quick response time. With 32 programmable keys, you can assign hotkeys, macros, and skills the way you want them. Backlighting is also stellar with this device.

left handed gaming keyboard

There are over 16 million-color choices that you can pick, so you will never great tired of your options. With an ergonomic design, you will stay comfortable through each and every game. A detachable palm rest helps with this as well. This gives you the preferred angle you want. This truly doubles the capability of your device.

Buy Razer Tartarus V2 from Amazon. Customization was never as exciting until AULA stepped into the game. With its one-handed keypad, there are 5 pre-lit modes for enhanced LED color.For years, people have used the traditional keyboard on their computers for different purposes, with gaming being one of them.

Gauging the popularity of keyboards when it comes to playing games, companies decided to manufacture specialized keyboards that gaming enthusiasts would use exclusively. Needless to say, they became extremely popular with gamers for whom the regular keyboards were not good enough. After a few years, one hand gaming keyboards came into being. These serve the same purpose as the standard gaming keyboards but are far more convenient to use. The Redragon KBA keyboard is completely made up of plastic.

That said, it is strong and has proven itself to be durable. This is one of the best one hand gaming keyboards out there. It has 7 programmable macro keys consisting of multiple commands and equipped with an easy activation process. There is also a rapid fire button that serves as a weapon during high-intensity war-based games.

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You also get a Type-C cable which is around 1. The wrist-rest in the keyboard is made up of magnets and gets attached to the keyboard easily. It provides adequate comfort to your hand as you move your fingers around the keyboard. There are two USB connections that offer full-power support. You can charge your phone while completing a couple of stages of your favorite game.

The backlight consists of two colors — red and blue. You can change the different lighting profiles by pressing the FN and Spacebar keys together. There is an option of disabling it if you feel it is taking your focus away from the game. It comes with full key anti-ghosting feature and is programmable.

There are ten programmable buttons in this mouse and five memory profiles with a unique color for easy identification. Buy It Now On Amazon. There are certain keyboards that are designed to be portable and the Redragon K is one such keyboard. It does not have any unnecessary keys and comprises of the ones you need the most to play games. You find all the action keys strategically placed in one specific part of the keyboard.

The USB pass-through port has been positioned in a way that enables you to use the mouse, headset adapter and other USB devices without getting interrupted while playing the game.

left handed gaming keyboard

You get 7 programmable macro keys that offer multiple commands which are easy to activate and workaround. You can choose to allocate single or multiple keystrokes to any of the 7 macro keys. This will help you save up on time while playing a game. It has 5 RGB backlit modes that offer various colors and lighting effects. The wrist-rest is made up of magnets and can be easily attached or detached from the keyboard.

Since this is a slightly large device, make sure you have enough desk space to accommodate a mouse or other accompanying devices as and when needed.

Macro keys are quite far away from the fingers and are hard to reach. This gaming keyboard has managed to gain a lot of popularity among a wide spectrum of gamers, although it was made for a niche market. It has 25 programmable buttons along with a directional suite and a full RGB lighting suite. The number of keys you get here is almost the quarter of what you will get in a full-sized keyboard but that is not an issue as the key keypad is enough to fulfill your gaming needs.

It is an ideal keyboard for the most dedicated and hard-core gaming enthusiasts who can work with twenty-five keys.

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If you are fine with playing your favorite games with a small-sized, programmable keyboard, then Razer Tartarus V2 Chroma would prove to be a great device for you. The design of the keyboard is quite fascinating — it has four rows with five keys on every row, except for the bottom row wherein you get a scroll wheel in place of the fifth key. There is an eight-directional D-pad, a circular button and a thumb button that serves the purpose of a space bar.

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The first thing which you notice about Razer Nostromo is its strikingly gorgeous design.But we still struggle along, trying to use products designed for right-handed people.

When it comes to using a computer mouse and keyboard, this often causes hand and wrist strain. There are other drawbacks to using right-handed products, too. Read on to discover what to look for. They often have a symmetrical design and buttons on either side.

There are also left-handed specific products, but they tend to be more expensive. You need a mouse that has an ergonomic shape, so your hand sits in the correct position. The best mice have a vertical designallowing your hand to fall into a handshake position.

That is optimal for your hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder. The further you have to extend, the more strain you put on your joints and muscles.

Best Left Handed Gaming Mouse (2020) Top 10 Mice For Lefties Reviews

The best left-handed mouse will have been designed with this in mind. Some mice even have programmable buttons, so you can decide what each one does.

Go for one that is made from sturdy materials and comes highly recommended. Check the reviews first! The higher the DPI, the more precise your mouse will be. The performance is important: You want a mouse that is responsive and accurate.

The price should always be a consideration. Otherwise, there are some very affordable options out there. There are a few things to consider before buying a left-handed keyboard. The keypad should be on the left, making it easy to reach with your left hand. Other important features include an adjustable angle of the keyboard for optimal positioning. Mechanical keys are also fantastic, as they give better feedback and are more durable.

11 Best Gaming Keypad 2019 – Top Reviews & Buying Guide

You could also consider going for a separate keypad, so you can place it wherever you like. You might also want to look for a left-handed wireless keyboard rather than a wired version. This ergonomic mouse is specially designed for left-handed people.

It will assure that you have the optimal hand positioning, reducing pains and the risk of RSI Repetitive Strain Injury.If you are reading this message, Please click this link to reload this page. Do not use your browser's "Refresh" button. Please email us if you're running the latest version of your browser and you still see this message. Looking for a keyboard to suit your needs?

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left handed gaming keyboard

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The Best Left Handed Ergonomic Mouses And Keyboards For Designers

Some manufacturers place restrictions on how details of their products may be communicated.Lefties looking for the perfect PC partner: you've come to the right place.

Welcome to our guide to the best left-handed mouse in The mouse is one major draw for computers vs touch-screen devices. This humble omnidirectional controller is perfect for navigating the virtual world, but can often be specialised for right-hand users only. That's why it's important to know there are plenty of great mouses for left-handed people too.

Left-handed mice are available from lots of big-name manufacturers, from Logitech to Razer, and they've got plenty of special features between them — you just need to decide what it is you're looking for. The typical DPI range isso anything over that is going to get you a mouse that is super-sensitive and offers ultimate accuracy. We've done the work for you and narrowed it down to five left-handed mice so you can find the best left-handed mouse for you. For more ambidextrous options, take a look at our main buying guide to the best mouse in The Logitech G is a wireless gaming mouse that does it all.

Thanks to 11 programmable buttons and up to 12, DPI of accuracy, this left-handed mouse offers more than most could even use. The mechanical button tensioning which gives you physical feedback through the button clicks lets you personalise it exactly. Wireless charging using the PowerPlay mat is another great feature that makes that hour battery life even less of a worry.

You can leave the lighting on, lowering battery to hours of use, without worry. The Razer DeathAdder is the affordable part of this gaming mouse family. Years of experience dating from the line's launch in have all filtered down into an great left-handed mouse for a great price.

You get an ergonomic grip, buttons with perfectly balanced bounceback and a gaming-grade tactile scroll wheel, all of which is said to last 10 million clicks. Plus, the five buttons are programmable. A whopping 12, DPI capability makes this super-sensitive if you have it set to that high level. The Mad Catz Rat 1 is a wired mouse that's impressive to look at but somehow remains low in price. The quirky aesthetic is functional too, as the design means the mouse can be adjusted to fit any hand for perfect ergonomic comfort.

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There are only three buttons, but that keeps this mouse light for travel it can even be split to make it more compact. With multiple colour options and a very low price, this is a tough mouse to beat. The Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 has gone through many generations since it first appeared inand it's still going strong.

The ergonomic design keeps your wrist from twisting thereby creating maximum comfort and promising long-term wrist health. The optical sensor and pointer are adjustable and buttons are available for fingers and thumbs there are six in total.If you are reading this message, Please click this link to reload this page. Do not use your browser's "Refresh" button. Please email us if you're running the latest version of your browser and you still see this message.

Looking for a keyboard to suit your needs? Our keyboard buying guide can help you find the right one. Home Search Results: "left handed keyboard". Related Categories Keyboards Gaming Keyboards. Top Sellers. Free Shipping. Department Any Category.

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Input Devices. Bloody by A4tech.

left handed gaming keyboard

Corn Electronics. DS International, Inc. DSI Systems Inc. Kinglumen Optoelectronic. Show More Apply.

DeathAdder Left-Hand Edition

Apply Filters. Build To Dominate. Work From Home. South City Mall.Select your location from below to view the available product, pricing and delivery options for your region. For all the left-handed gamers out there, your long hours of using gaming mice that do not fit are over. The first gaming grade mouse dedicated solely to left-handed professional gamers was conceived because when it comes down to it, you want to know you are perfectly equipped with precision and comfort.

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South America Brazil. We remain committed to shipping your Razer. Added to Your Shopping Cart. Out of Stock. Out Of Stock. True Ergonomic Left-Hand Design For all the left-handed gamers out there, your long hours of using gaming mice that do not fit are over. After activation, full features are available in optional offline mode.

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